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The Yankee Woodsmith
 was founded by Ken Cayer.  Ken has the reputation for producing
 fine handmade woodcrafts ranging from the simple to more esoteric items.

 Ken’s woodcrafts reflect the training and background he has in Eastern culture.

 Most of the wood used
 in his products are native to New Hampshire,
and are all personally selected by Ken.

The wood is kiln dried to
 specific moisture content and must be of the highest quality to be used in any of his projects.

 The items crafted by
the Yankee Woodsmith are unique, and some can be custom made to order



Mt. Chocorua, New Hampshire
   © 2009 Ken Cayer



~ Meditation Benches & Stools ~

~ Yoga Meditation Altars
 & Shrines

~ Meditation Accessories

~ Incense ~

~ Earring & Necklace Racks ~

~ Coffee Grinders / Spice Mills ~




Yoga Stool



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